Originally posted on Movember.com on October 28th 2015



Check out these 7 tips to make sure you are ready for the hairiest month of the year. MOVEMBER!

First off, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re committing to change the face of men’s health and that’s awesome.

As you set off on your hairy Movember journey, we’ve got a few tips that’ll put you on the path to successful fundraising.


  1. Ready your fundraising page

    This is your Movember HQ for the month – customizing it is the best way to make potential donors sit up and take notice. Start by adding some pictures of your moustache in progress and writing down what motivates you to do Movember.

  2. Set a fundraising target

    Setting yourself a target gives you something to aim for. How much could you raise during Movember?

  3. Learn from the Past

    If you’ve registered as a Mo Bro or Mo Sista in previous years, go to the Past Campaigns section of your Mo Space. It’ll show you who donated to you before, and which of your team members are taking part again. Hit up those old friends for another contribution.

  4. Donate to yourself or a friend

    Kick things off by sending some money your own way, or swap donations with a fellow Mo Bro or Mo Sista. That’ll get your campaign off the ground and set the bar.

  5. Spread the word

    Get the word out there, tell your friends and family what you’re up to, and start a conversation about men’s health. For inspiration, take a look at our prewritten messages in the Ask for Donations section on the right-hand side of your Mo Space.

  6. Know why you’re here

    Educate yourself on the Movember men’s health causes. Read about where the money goes so you can tell your friends about our projects to change the face of men’s health.

  7. Party On

    Hosting a Movember event or party is a great way to raise a good chunk of money in one go. Plus, you’ll have a great time – everyone’s a winner. Go to our Events pageto get some inspiration and register your event.