So we are only a week out from the biggest entertainment expo New Zealand has to offer. Aotearoa’s answer to Comic-Con attracts not only some of the most interesting freaks and geeks (and I say that fondly) from Auckland and beyond, as well a number of awesome celebrity guests as well as heaps of awesome events and exhibitors to keep all of the pop culture fans happy throughout the long weekend.

Now in its 21st year of operation, Armageddon is one of the best ways to get your annual pop culture fix, in an environment that supports the weird and interesting. Leading up to the event, I have put together my five top things to look forward to at Armageddon Auckland 2016!



For little old New Zealand, Armageddon manages to pull some top names in the pop culture realm, and this years Expo is a perfect example of this. My top picks of celebrity guests would definitely be Christopher Lloyd, James & Oliver Phelps, Karen Fukuhara and Brian O’Halloran.


Playing the legendary Doctor Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future Trilogy as well as Uncle Fester in the Adam’s Family, among other amazing roles, Christopher Lloyd is no doubt a massive attraction for a number of people attending Armageddon. This man is a legend of film!



The two ginger twin brothers of Ron Weasley, Fred and George , James and Oliver Phelps were stars of the Harry Potter Saga, and are another of the huge drawcards for Armageddon. With the HP films being such a huge part of pop culture history for almost everyone under the age of 40 Jame and Oliver are a massive grab for the expo.



Playing one of the integral roles in one of the biggest comic book films of 2016, Karen Fukuhara’s portrayal of the largely silent watchdog in DC Comics Suicide Squad was unforgettable. While there are bigger stars in the film that I am sure many of us would have loved to have visited our shores, Karen’s inclusion in the lineup of Armageddon is massive. 



My favourite  of all the guest stars in attendance in 2016 would have to be the eternal under achiever from Clerks I & II, Brian O’Halloran. Being a massive fan of the legend Kevin Smith, I have always been a fan of Brian’s characters in all View Askewniverse films, most notably his portrayal of Dante Hicks. Brian’s attendance at Armageddon is definitely one of the high notes for the event.



Like with the majority of pop culture expos, panels featuring the special guests are always a must attend. These panels give the audience the chance to hear stories from the guest stars about their film and TV history as well as giving fans a chance to ask the burning questions they have always wanted to ask. Make sure don’t miss out on getting to the panels, hearing from your favourite stars, and learning more about the pop culture community in NZ and around the world.

You can check out the schedule of panels below or by clicking here




Taking place on the Friday night of Armageddon at 9.15pm, Burning Man usually involves setting fire to a giant effigy being burnt to the ground with some fireworks thrown in for good measure. This will be slightly different with the Pyro Company SETTING A MAN ON FIRE!

An actual human being will be set alight while wearing a special burn suit, complete with martial arts Taiko Drummers performing as well as a massive light show.

Make sure you get along to check out this awesome sight!




If you are a fan of comic books, Armageddon is definitely the place for you. One of the best of the exhibitors to check out would have to be Arkham City ComicsArkham City Comics is an Auckland-based store specialising in comics, graphic novels, collectibles, T-shirts, original artwork, and other random bits of fun.

They will be holding a Mad Marvel Mayhem Sale at Armageddon, with Marvel trade paperbacks and graphic novels at half price! Avengers, Wolverine, X-Men, Fantastic Four, New Mutants, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and more are all included!

Make sure you get in and get yourself some epic comic book bargains! The Arkham team will definitely sort you out!




If you are a fan of collectables, whether it be action figures or Funko Pop! Vinyls, Armageddon is a good way to get your hands on a huge range of collectables and various other merchandise. With a huge amount of exhibitors all viying for your hard earned dollars, you are bound to score yourself a bargain, and get your hands on some epic collectible items!

Make sure you take your time to get around the 3 halls of exhibitors on the day and find yourself some awesome deals on some cool collectibles! Make sure you check out the Mighty Ape space among others!

You can check out the list of exhibitors below and a map of the event layout too.


So if I haven’t managed to convince you that yes, Armageddon is a good way to spend your Labour Weekend, make sure you check out the Armageddon Website for all the info you need!