MOBRO of the Week

  This week’s MoBro of the Week is the legen-hairy private investigator Tom Selleck. Most known for his breakout role as moustachio-ed private investigator Magnum P.I. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Selleck has had a successful career in television and movies since his time as Thomas Magnum in 1980, even […]

MoBro of the Week: Tom Selleck

This week’s MoBro of the week is yet another rocker. It just seems that in the music world, rock and metal musicians have the best Moustaches. This week we are featuring the rhythm guitarist from Atlanta’s Mastodon, Bill Kelliher. Although is known mainly for his impressive driving prog/sludge metal riffs […]

MoBro of the Week: Bill Kelliher – Mastodon

This week’s MoBro of the Week is yet another Rockstar with a stunning Moustache! The frontman of The Eagles of Death Metal, Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes aka. The Boots Electric. Hughes founded The Eagles of Death Metal back in 1998 with Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. Hughes […]

MoBro of the Week: Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes

This week’s MoBro of the week has what I believe to be one of the most iconic Moustaches in the history of cartoons, Ned Flanders. Voiced by Harry Shearer (another featured MoBro of the Week as Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap), Ned Flanders first appeared on The Simpsons in the premier […]

MoBro of the Week: Ned Flanders

The Godfather of Experimental and Eclectic Rock has to be the legendary musician Frank Zappa. Born in Baltimore on December 21st 1940, Frank was heavily influenced by avant-garde composers, R&B and doo-wop groups and modern jazz. He frequently lampooned musical fads like psychedelia, rock opera and disco. TV also had a very […]

MoBro of the Week – Frank Zappa

What ya gunna do, when Hulkamania runs wild on YOU! The most famous and recognisable face in professional sports worldwide and equally one of the most famous Moustached personalities of all time, Hulk Hogan is this week’s MoBro of the week. During the 1980’s there was no one more popular in sports entertainment […]

MoBro of the Week: Hulk Hogan

One of the most impressive Moustaches in the history of heavy metal mockumentaries has to be that of Derek Albion Smalls (played by Harry Shearer) from the film This is Spinal Tap. Playing alongside his clean shaved bandmates Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins, Smalls (Bass Guitar) presented an impressive […]

MoBro of the Week – Derek Smalls – Spinal Tap