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MoBro of the Week: Sam Elliott


This week’s MoBro of the Week is actor, Sam Elliott. Born on August 9, 1944, Sam is an American actor with a truly rangy physique, thick horseshoe moustache, deep, resonant voice, and Western drawl lend to frequent casting as cowboys and ranchers.

In recent years his acting credits have included playing Marvel Comics characters General Ross in Hulk (2003) and The Caretaker in Ghost Rider (2007).

Although he is not a household name, he is one of those guys that you remember in films, most notably in the 1998 film, The Big Lebowski. Cast in the role of “The Stranger”, Elliot stole the show with one of the thickest and heartiest Moustaches ever caught on film. Every time I watch The Big Lebowski, my girlfriend even says “Man…if you could grow a moustache that thick… WOW!”. (Yes, my girl is a MoSista and a massive fan of a good moustache).

In addition to these roles, Elliot played pivotal roles in the movies Tombstone (with Kurt Russell & Val Kilmer) and in the story of Rocky Dennis Mask, alongside Cher. As well as a small role in the 1969 classic Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.

This is a man who you should be more familiar with, if for no other reason, than his stunning moustache!

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