Music is my religion – Slipknot is my church

For anyone who knows me, they know my affinity to Slipknot. This band has been crucial to my feeling of belonging to the religion of metal music.

And like many other maggots around the world, I have been eagerly awaiting any release of new music coming from the Iowa band, after their 2008 release All Hope is Gone. Finally this week we were delivered a taste of the upcoming record, with the track The Negative One.

With a flavour reminiscent to earlier offerings like Slipknot, IOWA and Vol. 3, I personally find that the new track lives up to the hype, although not on the first listen. On subsequent listens of the track I have found myself impressed (much like when Vol. 3 was released).

And now we have the official video released today. Directed by percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan, it is a weird trip to say the least. Focusing on two demonic looking woman and full of images of sacrificial goats (whats more metal than that), the video is pretty awesome.

Still no sight of what we are all looking for, the new masks or soon to be announced band members to fill in the spots left by late Bassist, Paul Gray and recently departed drummer Joey Jordison.

Anyway, check out the video below, and be ready for some true ‘what the fuck’ moments.