Check out the video highlights from the show here

Rise Against is a band that originated firmly within the Punk Rock style, but has evolved progressively with a more melodic Rock style while never losing the Punk attitude, power and speed that continues to cement them as a force within the modern rock environment.

This is definitely what was. presented to the packed out Auckland Town Hall last night. With the pit area of the Town Hall heaving with energy throughout their 1 1/2 hour set, the punters kept up the level of energy that was thrown down by the Chicago natives.


Powering through a set list that covered their entire career, fans were treated to all of their favourites throughout the 17 song strong set.

The bands humane and political stances are well known and well documented, and this comes across in their lyrics and their performances, but is delivered in a way that is in no way preachy or over the top, while still getting their thoughts and messages across to the audience.

After a high energy 12 song barrage of speed and intensity, McGrath and guitarist Zach Blair returned to the stage for a special 3 song acoustic performance of favourites Hero of War, People Live Here and Swing Life Away. This was a massive highlight in the night, showing McGrath’s vocal talents extend to more than high speed punk styles and into a soft, meaningful and emotional performance, with Hero of War prompting the nights biggest crowd sing along.

One of my favourite things to see in all of the shows I have been to at the Auckland Town Hall are circle pits rolling around in the Great Hall. This was defiantly encouraged at certain points in the night by McGrath, and is epic in such a confined space on the lower level. This is made even better when you see a great audience who know the key rule to a circle pit, when someone falls, you pick them back up! Great to see the rock n roll brotherhood following the rules!


Being their final stop on The Black Market world tour, that has comprised of 102 shows in 2015, the show was a special night for the 4 piece, with lead singer Tim McGrath, getting all of their crew on stage following their final track of the night Saviour  to acknowledge the hard work of their touring family, even splitting the crowd so that their sound and lighting engineers could make their way to the stage through the throngs of fans, who then provided a guard of honour with their arms!

Overall an awesome and intense showing of high energy punk and rock, providing a huge night of live music.

I can’t wait to see Rise Against more in the future, with this being my third time seeing them, I am amping to see more of what this epic four piece have to offer. Check out the setlist from the show here:


Check out some of the highlights from this massive show in the video below!

Also, check out the full video of the band’s performance of Re-Education (Through Labour) below