Each month I will be compiling a list of some of the coolest geek gears available from around the globe and telling you how you can get your hands on it! If you have any awesome suggestions make sure you let me know in the comments below!



NES Mini

A 21st century relaunch of sorts for one of the most successful gaming consoles of all time, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic Mini is easily one of the coolest gaming releases in a long time.

This version of the NES Classic is obviously much smaller than the original unit, and comes with a classic NES Controller and a total of 30 inbuilt games, including:

  • Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 & 3
  • Bubble Bobble
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Donkey Kong
    & more


The NES Classic Mini is scheduled for release on November 10th, and is available for pre-order from EBGames and MightyApe and will cost you around $120NZD.



2. Marvel Legends: Iron Man – Electronic Helmet

ironman_electronic helmet

Ever had dreams of being Tony Stark’s Iron Man, but lacked the billions of dollars in resources to achieve that dream? Well now you have the opportunity to own at least one part of the complete Iron Man  armor and easily the coolest part of the armor with the Marvel Legends: Iron Man Electronic Helmet.

This officially licensed Iron Man helmet is highly detailed and is a 1:1 full-scale premium role-play item. Complete with glowing  LED eyes, the helmet is completed with a magnetized faceplate that can be removed from the helmet and connected to the top, while triggering sound effects and lights direct from the films.

This would be an absolute geek dream to own this extremely well designed prop with an amazing finish and some impressive detailing. The Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet is scheduled to be released on the 28th October this year and will set you back only $179NZD which is an excellent price for such a high quality prop replica. You can preorder it from MightyApe now.


3. Harley Quinn’s ‘Good Night’ Baseball Bat Replica



It is obvious from her history in the comics and now the latest Suicide Squad movie, that Harley Quinn has a passion for her wooden weapons, starting with her iconic hammer and now through to her now legendary Goodnight Baseball Bat.

The Goodnight Bat has been carefully designed  to be film accurate, and is the perfect addition to a solid cosplay effort, and is even complete with the bat-shit crazy scrawling of Harley all over, This would be epic to even just mount up on the mantel. .


This is an epic replica for any fan of Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn, If you are keen to score one of these bats for yourself, and I know I’m so keen, you can preorder your own from MightyApe for $169NZD ahead of its release on December 15th, just in time for Christmas!

Or if you want a cheaper, less wooden more plastic version, you can score a pretty cool inflatable version for $24.99NZD also from MightyApe as seen below!






4. Star Wars Geeki Tikis




I am a mad Star Wars fan, and also a massive fan of a good tiki cocktail, and this collection of amazingly detailed Star Wars themed tiki mugs are some of the coolest things I think I have ever seen in my life!

With a choice of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Chewie, R2D2, Yoda and a Stormtrooper no matter the occasion you are going to have the sickest selection of drink wear on hand.



The fact that these mugs have kept so true to the style of classic tiki mugs just makes these even cooler. Unfortunately these epic tikis are not available in NZ, but they are an exclusive creation from ThinkGeek where you can score them for $14.99USD each!



5. Boba Fett Mandalorian Armor Backpack


Boba Fett is the most awesome bounty hunter in all of the Star Wars saga and has always been one of my favourites, largely due to the Mandalorian amour he wears, which is some of the best armor to ever appear on screen. This backpack is pretty epic in it’s use of a well stylized design featuring the best and most iconic aspects of Boba Fett’s uniform.


This backpack looks like its a pretty good size with a decent amount of storage inside, and is available to buy from ThinkGeek for $69.99USD. This would make a pretty mean gift for any mad Fett fan.


6. Plush Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite


Han Solo was always my favourite character in Star Wars, and the carbonite scene at the end of Empire will always be one of the most memorable scenes in film history, so how could you not like this awesome Han Solo carbonite plushy?

This toy was released as an exclusive from ThinkGeek for SDCC last month and is yet another one of the epic creations from ThinkGeek. You can order this plushie here for $11.99USD



7. Death Star – Salt & Pepper Shakers


You can’t go wrong with with a great selection of Star Wars styled items for your dining table. So if your looking to get an epic set of salt and pepper shakers so you can’t go wrong with set based on the infamous Death Star. 

You can score this awesome set from MightyApe for $44.99NZD




8. South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Collector’s Edition (PS4/XBOX ONE/PC)


If the last South Park console game, The Stick of Truth is anything to go by, The Fractured But Whole will be an epic game! With the boys moving from their Game of Thrones style personas into their superhero characters, we will be treated to Cartman as The Coon, Kenny as Mysterion amongst the array of other familiar South Park characters having their take on a Marvel Avengers style adventure. 

You will once again assume the role of the New Kid, and join South Park regulars in a new hilarious and out there RPG adventure.  


“In South Park: The Fractured but Whole, players will delve into the crime-ridden underbelly of South Park with Coon and Friends. This dedicated group of crime fighters was formed by Eric Cartman whose superhero alter-ego, The Coon, is half man, half raccoon. As the New Kid, players will join Mysterion, Toolshed, Human Kite, Mosquito, Mint Berry Crunch and a host of others to battle the forces of evil while Coon strives to make his team the most beloved superheroes in history.”

The game is schedule for release on 6th December this year, and you can score the epic pre-order version on PS4, XBOXONE or PC which includes:

  • The Game
  • A 15cm Coon Figurine
  • 3 postcards
  • Additional Costumes & Perks
  • And a full version of The Stick of Truth

This version is exclusive to EBGAMES and retails for $169.99



9. NES Cartridge Flask


Do you have a need to get on the piss discretely, but want to achieve this with a distinctly retro vibe? Then check out this amazing NES Cartridge flask available from Ink WhiskeyThe flask is in the shape of an original Nintendo game cartridge and can hold up to 125mls of your favourite liquor. With a range of different game labels including “Drunk Hunt’, ‘Bar Hop Bros.’ and more there is a flask for any gamer!

You can score one of these awesome flasks from here, with prices starting from $14.95USD or you can even score a 3 pack for $24.95USD



10. Geeky Macbook Keyboard Decals


Does your laptop need a serious geek upgrade? Well you can sort this out nice and easy with a set of MacBook keyboard details available from FindFun’s Etsy store. There is a wide range of different styles available, and are suitable for any type of Mac laptop. The decals are easy to install and are sure to impress the most hardened comic book fan!

The price on this hardware upgrade works out to be around $22.78NZD and you can score your own set here


And finally, we will check out an item, that would only be realistic to purchase if you were to win lotto as it retails at just under $15,000.00 NZD!


R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator

This officially licensed and full sized R2 Unit, is fully remote controlled and moves and sounds like our favourite tin can from the Star Wars saga. Complete with a mini fridge concealed in its body, the R2-D2 moving refrigerator even has a projector included!


This unit is made in Japan, and the fridge is made to order and comes with a serial number, making it a collectible item for any serious Star Wars fan.

If you are so inclined you can score one of your own for ¥1,077,840 which works out to be just under $15,000.00NZD from OtakuMode


If you have any other awesome geek finds that you think should be included next month, just comment below.

All items have been chosen by because we think there are awesome. No items were sponsored to appear in these listings.